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Ingredients produced by spray drying have been our speciality since 2000. We are constantly gaining knowledge, developing our portfolio and improving our competence to manufacture ingredients for the food industry. Since 2004, under the Mokate Ingredients brand, we have been exporting our products to dozens of countries around the world.


The latest Filtermat spray drying plants put us at the forefront of European producers of the highest quality ingredients for the food industry. Sterile purity at every stage of production and precision of dosing provide us with devices that meet the standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Understanding the market

The modern world needs more and more food. Increasing production volumes, however, can not affect the quality of food products. Ensuring their consistently high quality is a challenge that every manufacturer actually faces. It can be managed thanks to long-term cooperation with a reliable supplier of ingredients whose parameters are monitored on a regular basis.

Exceptional quality

Quality management is a key element that creates the competitiveness of MOKATE on both the domestic and international market. The high quality of Mokate's products is ensured by implemented Food Safety Management Systems, including Good Practice: Manufacturing (GMP), Hygienic (GHP) and Laboratory (GLP), which are the company's priorities. Mokate Ingredients has implemented certified integrated quality management systems: GLOBAL STANDARD FOR FOOD SAFETY - BRC, International Food Standard (IFS Food), EN ISO 9001: 2000 and EN ISO 22000: 2005 (including the HACCP system). As part of the Integrated Management System, we ensure compliance with all applicable laws, both within the European Union and outside. MOKATE has developed its strategy based on issues related to the broadly understood quality. In its Quality Policy, it included both tasks and quality objectives, implemented through continuous improvement of related processes.

Development and research

In the spring of 2017, a new production plant was opened, part of which is another tower Filtermat. It's the most modern one installation of this type in Europe, equipped in the spray drying technology of products foods with high content carbohydrates, proteins or fatty substances. It enables us to produce products with parameters in line with the expectations of our business partners. Each of the products designed according to the customer's suggestion is subject to rigorous quality control.