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Mokate doświadczenie

Mokate Ingredients

MOKATE INGREDIENTS are latest technologies that care for the safety, health and quality preferences of the consumer. MOKATE INGREDIENTS are trained professionals in sales, technology, production and negotiations.
Mokate innowacje

Research and development

A specialist unit operates in Mokate that is engaged with constant development of products, research on new ingredients and recipes. The plant is fitted with a modern R&D laboratory.
Mokate zrozumienie

Innovative products

Constant development enables us to provide our customers with unique products, such as premium foaming bases, instant products soluble at room temperature, products with RSPO certificate, products with MCT oil.

Quality Control System

The effective quality control system, following current standards, professional laboratory and the experienced and trained personnel guarantee the quality of our products. Suppliers of materials for manufacturing are subject to strict inspection and verification. With the advanced physical and chemical laboratory, we conduct detailed analyses of materials and products. The research is conducted according to the methods set out in the Polish and European standards with specialist apparatus.


The sample basic equipment of Mokate laboratory includes modern devices that allow to, inter alia: determine the fat content with Soxhlet method, determine the protein content with Kjeldahl method, quickly analyze the fat and protein content of any production batch, determine the ash content by mineralization of samples, determine the free and condensed bulk density, verify Bactrac microbiologic properties, analyze the product structure, such as, compressive strength. More than 80-people team of experts is constantly working on developing new products and applications and monitors the quality and safety of solutions offered.