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Cocoa bases

Mokate products, thanks to their balanced, rich recipes, are very popular among consumers all over the world. Cocoa bases belong to the group of instant products whose formulas are based on high quality cocoa powders. Cocoa content can be differentiated and adjusted to the customer’s needs. The product is offered in powder and agglomerate form.

Thanks to the possibility of lecithinization of mixed products, we expand our offer with products soluble at 20 C Celsius temperature.

Cocoa drinks made with the use of cocoa bases and cocoa bases are valued energizing drinks, preferred both by children and adults. The full taste, creamy structure, ease and speed of preparation, determined the very high popularity of the products offered. The quality of Mokate products has been appreciated in HoReCa, Vending and B2B segments, among others among ice cream, desserts, cakes, cold and hot drinks producers, also in the RTD drinks segment.

Advantages of the product:

  • Concentrated product = lower dosage, better logistics

The most popular use of cocoa bases:

  • Bases for the production of chocolate drinks, ice cream, desserts (mousses, confectionery creams, cakes)


Product parameters


Technical data

20-25kg bag
Shaft life
18-36 months
The storage conditions
25oC max temp.
RH 75% max. Humidity

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